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auto top.

auto top.

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A durable, hydrophobic, glossy protective coating, designed to be used on all surfaces of your vehicle, motorcycle or RV. This product can stand-alone for 18 - 24 months. When combined with auto base. ( it will have an even longer-lasting protection, ranging from 3.5 - 7 years. An essential next step to achieve the ultimate look and feel for all autos, old and new. 

For the very best protection and shine, you can protect your vehicle, motorcycle, RV or truck against environmental damages caused by bugs, bird droppings, heavy detergents, sun damage, oxidation, dirt, grime and more. With hydrophobic self-cleaning and protective properties, cleaning is simple. Your car, new or old, can be transformed, and we want to help. 

Coverage: One bottle will cover 2 - 3 vehicles depending on the size and amount of layers applied or about 6 full layers. This product can be used on all surfaces in and out of the vehicle.