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marine top.

marine top.

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A highly durable, incredibly glossy protective coating designed to reduce maintenance for all painted, gelcoat, metal and plastic surfaces on your vessel. This product is a great stand-alone product lasting 12 - 18 months. When combined with our marine base. ( you can expect an enduring finish for 18 - 24 months. Achieve even more brilliance.

Designed to enhance the appearance of your vessel and protect it from a multitude of environmental damages marine top. protects your boat from bugs, bird droppings, heavy detergents, sun damage, oxidation, minor scuff transfer, dirt, grime, marine growth and more. With hydrophobic self-cleaning and protective properties, cleaning is simple. Your boat, new or old, can be transformed, and we want to help.

As a stand-alone product, marine top. can last 12-18 months. When combined with marine base. (  you can get an incredible 18-24 months of protection, gloss and ease. 

Coverage: One bottle will cover 24 ft. boats an average of 1-2 times. This means up to two layers for the average 24 - 30 ft boat. For best results, aim to apply two layers of marine top.